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Getting a new toilet for your bathroom

TOTO produce some of the highest rated toilets on the market. Little did we know our Eco Soiree would begin causing us problems so soon. This is highly unusual in our experience, having fitted a number of these for clients over the years. However, when the time comes, you should be looking for a solid replacement toilet as they aren't built to last forever.

Whilst guides online can provide advice, it doesn't quite come near a professional plumbers experience. Aside from the Eco Soiree, we feel the Ultramax II or Kohler Memoirs should be high on your list. Both excellent quality with a fantastic flushing mechanism.

Then you have the design. The bowls are extremely sturdy and they are built to last decades. In addition to this, they are shaped in an elongated style to provide the utmost comfort to consumers.

Both of these are top choices, and you can't go far wrong with them. Home Depot, Amazon, Lowes, and a few others may have them in stock if you want to check them out. I've had nothing but positive experiences using them.

Exercise and Diet tips

Continuous exercise combined with a smart diet plan that is rich in fruit and veg, can go a long way in changing how healthy you feel on a day to day basis. Finding a good balance between both can be a problem for many when there are other challenges such as time limitations due to family and work commitments.

That is why we believe commuting to the gym should only ever be undertaken if the journey takes less than fifteen minutes. If more, we believe you can conduct your cardio better from the comfort of your own home with a treadmill like the Weslo Cadence G 5.9. Check here: Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill for a full review and summary of its specifications and exercise functions.

Something like this is ideal for home exercise because it folds, saving space and is relatively simple to install. Combine this with some strength training equipment and you have a great formula for seeing improvements in both stamina and muscle mass.

Avoid the fatty treats and reap the rewards long term!

Sometime soon, we will have a spa and restaraunt adding to the overall customer experience. Stay tuned as we look to bring in some top regional chefs who are widely known for healthy dishes. We feel by doing this users will get a full all round treatment that will provide long term weight loss results.

Just remember, the key to health is removing stress through working out, and eating consitently healthy meals that include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein, vitamins and minerals. Your next logical step after getting your workout regime in place would be seeing a qualified nutritionist to help you understand what foods are good to eat and which aren't. Plus, in most cases, you will get a very powerful insight into how often you should eat, and when.

Everyone is different, which explains the many different diet plans around the web, so it's important to find something that works for you.

There is one formula that has worked for me however, and that is consistent cardio exercise on a treadmill, my current being the Cadence G 5.9 from Weslo, and a carefully designed meal plan that takes into account the amount of calories being consumed.

The final part of the puzzle for me at least, is how you train. Some waste time and complain about not seeing results fast enough. A lot of the time, thats because you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Next time you are training on the treadmill, try to up the intensity a notch, and see if you have the same issues after a month or so.

The 100 push up challenge

If you're one of those people who struggle to get yourself motivated to work out, why not have a go at the 100 push up challenge? The end goal is to do 100 push ups without stopping. And the best way to train for this, is to (you guessed it!) Do push ups.

I always advise doing this to people just starting out in the fitness struggle because it does a fantastic job in building upper body strength and toning. To start with push towards 5 sets of ten. Then gradually move up towards 5 sets of 20.

Sometimes you will find yourself hitting a wall where you are finding it difficult to notice improvements. If this is the case, we advise mixing it up a little, and try doing diamond, and wide stance push ups. You can also do leg raised ones to add more pressure to youre pecs and shoulders. Consistency is key here. It took me a solid year to hit 70 in one go. I'm not approaching the 100 mark, but it's been a long, tiresome journey. But well worth it.

Warming up with a new wood stove

As winter approaches, finding the right balance between staying fit and my home improvement projects is very important to me. Ideally, I will be able to split them evenly through the summer along with other things. But there is something far more important at hand and that is that winter is fast approaching and the temperature is dropping and it's making a noticeable difference to the rooms in the house. A nasty chill has been sweeping through, especially the living area.

So this week we decided to take matters into our own hands and go out to purchase a wood stove. Now the problem we had was that there was a lot of different choices to pick from, and we had a specific budget to work with. So we looked around for websites that offer wood stove reviews and we came across which provide individual reviews of wood burning stoves a long with other heating appliances and buying guides. Ultimately is made the whole process smooth and in return, we found an excellent Drolet stove that fits our requirements perfectly. The difference in temperature is amazing and far more comfortable now than it ever was before.

We just need to extend that same feeling to the garage using another buying guide for garage heaters from the same guys. This may take a little longer to install as it's quite difficult to determine whether we need a mountable one in the garage or floor based option. We will know once all the renovations have been completed.

Things are looking up for us though, and hopefully we will be where we want to be in the coming year.

Trimming the garden with pole saws

Now, when myself and my wife first purchased this plot of land, we realized there was an awful lot of work to be completed. In a way, it will serve as an extra workout for all the extra lifting being done. However, the back yard was a mess of major proportions. In particular the trees. They had overgrown so much that they were causing a problem with the neighbors.

Anyway, fast forward to more recently, we were dealing with this branch by branch with a old saw from the tool shed, but this was taking longer than we anticipated, so we decided to go buy a pole saw. You get many choices included manual, gas, and electric pole saws so choosing the right one was a bit confusing for us. But our son david, did some research online and found which is a website that offers pole saw reviews, buying guides, and general consumer advice. That helped us pick out a extremely effective Greenworks model that has made life a whole lot easier with trimming the bushes and tree branches.

After a long weekend of dumping all the green waste, and tidying up, we now have a great, tidy living area for which to enjoy the summer months in after a long days work.



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